Workhouse Museum and Garden

Sharow View, Allhallowgate, Ripon HG4 1LE

Experience the grim atmosphere of this museum that has been deliberately set out so visitors can get a sense of what life was really like in this Victorian workhouse. Start in the waiting room where men, women, boys and girls would have waited and imagine what it would have been like to live and work there.

Learn about the physical hardship inmates had to endure as they worked long hours breaking stones to mend roads and imagine that their only chance of leaving was in a coffin!

Take a look at the tiny cells where vagrants were given food and accommodation and see a video of a vagrant entering the Workhouse. You will be surprised how they were treated!

You will also see prison cells, staff areas and a school room in the building. There is a kitchen garden at the back of the site as well. Why not take a stroll there and see the varieties of fruit and vegetables that were available at that time.

Opening Times: 11am – 4pm