Lydford Gorge

Lydford, Devon EX20 4BH

See the deepest gorge in the south west of England with its spectacular 30-metre White Lady Waterfall. It is also the highest waterfall in the south west.

Have a wonderful experience and do the Gorge Walk, which takes about two hours and covers woodlands, the White Lady Waterfall, the Tunnel Falls and the Devil’s Cauldron. The gorge is an amazing place to visit, but it is only accessible on foot.

When the river narrows, you will enter a dark ravine surrounded by dripping rock faces covered in mosses and ferns. You will hear the roaring of the Devil’s Cauldron in which the water seems to be boiling. This giant pothole has been created by the water in which it enters at tremendous force.

As you walk around the gorge absorb the magical atmosphere created by the waterfall, the river, the plants and the trees, and look out for the Dippers and Wagtails flying low over the river and the woodland birds darting about in the trees. They are fun to watch.

In May, enjoy the heady scent of bluebells and wild garlic while admiring the wonderful patchwork of green, white and blue they create – it is a breathtaking sight and one not to be missed. However, there is always a stunning show of nature to be seen here whatever time of the year.

If you are interested in shorter walks, you can do the White Lady Waterfall Walk, the Devil Cauldron Walk and the West Wood Walk. On your visit you will receive a leaflet marking the different walks, but be sure to wear sturdy walking boots as it can be slippery here.

Facilities: Free Parking

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Costs: Free entrance for National Trust members.