Exeter, EX5 3LE

Visit this marvellous 18th century home surrounded by parkland and the Devon countryside. With 6,4000 acres, 20 farms and over 200 cottages, this is one of the largest properties and estates the National Trust has acquired.

Learn about the amazing story of Sir Richard Acland who gave this property away for his political beliefs, and feel at home in the relaxed atmosphere of the house. Enjoy playing the piano in the music room and see the dining room set for supper, and in the winter months you can warm yourself in front of a lit fire.

Walk to the quirky laundry rooms which were used until 1940 and learn how maids soaped dirty items in the wash-house, scrubbed and starched them before drying and ironing them in the drying room.

Find out about Killerton’s renowned expensive costume collection, dating from 1690 to the 1970s, which has been on display since 1978. Children and adults can dress up in replica costumes.

Afterwards, walk around the beautiful garden with colour all year round and sit and relax among sweeping lawns. Take in the scents of hundreds of rhododendrons and magnolias, and admire the rare trees that are surrounded by the beautiful rolling countryside.

You can experience many wonderful and picturesque circular walks and trails on the site, as well as bridleways and cycling tracks. Or explore the historical parkland, orchard and ancient woodland where you can discover the remains of an Iron Age hill fort. While you are there, see if you can find the fabulous vistas towards Dartmoor and Woodbury Common.