Golden Valley Llama Trek

Ewyas Harold, Hereford HR2 0HB
Wern Ddu England HR2 0HB GB

Go on a fun half-day llama trek and help call in, catch, halter, groom and walk a friendly llama through a farm, fields and woodlands. Enjoy being with these charming, inquisitive and gentle animals that are members of the camel family. They will also be delighted to accompany you on your walk through the beautiful Herefordshire countryside.

Llamas are not ridden, but wear a halter and walk on a lead rope. The trek will start with the trekkers calling the llamas into the penning area, then the llamas are fed with their favourite food and the trekkers will halter and groom them (with your help) so the llamas are ready for their walk. It is as simple as that!

You will set off at a gentle stroll with each llama accompanying you, and head across the field to the village where the llamas are always very well received. Then you will take a walk through the countryside and the woodland before heading back to the farm.

While you are on the trek, notice the distinctive personalities of each happy llama: one likes to lead, one skips over ditches to avoid getting its feet wet and one likes to walk in the middle of the line. A llama trek is a fun and quirky experience ideal for families who love animals and love being outdoors.

For more information about these gorgeous llamas, the treks and prices, log onto their website.

Opening Times: They take their llamas out throughout the year.

Costs: Price per person, either with one llama each or sharing one llama between two people £45 adults, £30 children