Exeter Catacombs

2 Paris St, Exeter, Devon EX1 1GA
Paris Street Exeter England EX1 1GA GB

Take an unusual tour through catacombs built within St Bartholomew’s Cemetery in 1835-37, and the first to be built in Egyptian style in Britain.

The Red Coats offer free tours three times a week between April and October and this is when you will have the chance to walk inside the subterranean passageways and hear the stories of how and why they were built. You will also learn about the failure of the catacomb, which was built to accommodate 1,400 coffins and why only 11 out of over 17,000 people were interred in the catacombs. You will also hear the story about vandals who entered the catacombs, broke into one of the vaults and stole a skeleton and then returned it out of fear of catching cholera!

If you can’t make a tour, you can still see the entrances in the style of Egyptian tombs and see the granite gate pillars that reflect Egyptian obelisks.