Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort

Meline, Prembrokeshire, SA41 3UR
Unnamed Road Wales SA41 GB
01239 89131901239 891319

Visit an Iron Age hill fort with replica Iron Age roundhouses and take a journey back to 2,400 years. Step inside one of the pointed thatched-roofed homes and soak in the atmosphere. Imagine what life would have been like thousands of years ago. You can even grind some flour and make bread just like the Celts used to.

Walk around the reconstructed Iron Age village and see where herbs were grown and where animals were kept. You could also join a costume-guided tour and learn how tools were used in ancient times and find out how the Celts weaved cloth and used plants for dying. You will also discover how they dipped plants into fat to make long burning candles.

This is a great site to visit as there is no other place like it in Wales and you will definitely get an idea how life was in the Iron Age.

Opening Times:
Open in summer from 10am to 5pm every day, but it is open for groups all year round.