Calke Abbey

Ticknall, Derby DE73 7LE

Calke Abbey is a un-stately home that is hidden away within ancient park land in Derby, Derbyshire. Discover the tales of an eccentric family who desired isolation and solitary life and the story of the dramatic decline of their country house estate. Even though the house and stables are little restored and there are many abandoned areas, walking around this abbey will give you a sense of how numerous country houses failed to survive in the 20th century. But while you are there you will still get a glimpse into how luxurious living was once when you see the stunning silk bed that was erected for the first time in 1985 after lying undiscovered since the 18th century. Take a twenty-minute guided tour of the house between 11am and 12pm and learn how the conservation team look after the abbey and its collections. There is no need to book in advance, all you need to do is ask at the ticket office.

After the tour, you could enter the world of little light and follow the twists and turns of the brew house tunnel and then stroll through the beautiful gardens with their faded walls. While you are there see if you can spot the ‘Old Man of Calke’ which is a 1,200 year old Oak tree. There are lots of walks all over the estate which can be downloaded from the National Trust website.