Bernwood Forest

Oxford, Oxfordshire HP18 9UR

This lovely calming forest, with two large woods, is famous for its large number of butterflies. Take a trail through coppice, high forest, around a pond and then into open spaces and look out for your favourite nectar-feeding insects. You’ll see the White Admiral, Purple Emperor, Skippers, Marbled White and you may even get the chance to see a rare Black Hairstreak.

You will also spot many dragonflies and damselflies hunting up and down the grass rides. And don’t forget to look up to get a glimpse of a soaring buzzard ready to dive for its prey.

For the more adventurous and energetic walker, take the extensive forest paths through vast areas of mixed coniferous and broadleaf woodland. Walking through the forest is a great way to keep fit and super place to visit if you love nature at its best.

Opening Times:
The forest is accessible at all times, however there is a 6′ 10″ height barrier to the car park.

Costs: Entrance to the forest is free.